DUI Attorney – The Best Type of Attorney to Use For a DUI Conviction


“DUII” means Driving Under Influence of Intoxicants. If you were caught drinking and driving in Oregon, or any other state for that matter, it could mean serious consequences for you including jail time, fines, loss of license, probation, substance abuse programs, and possibly a significant percentage of your car insurance rates going up. Of course, these penalties are in place because of the dangerous risks involved when driving drunk. Unfortunately, some people do not realize that they have been drinking and driving until they are pulled over.

When a police officer pulls someone over on suspicion of DUI, there are a few tests that may be administered. One of the first is a breath test. This test can be done quickly and easily by taking a sample of the person’s breath. A breath test can determine if the driver has alcohol in their system. The test will also show the alcohol level in the blood, which will indicate intoxication.

The second step is the blood test. A blood test can show the amount of alcohol in the person’s blood. Again, the blood will determine the degree of alcohol in the system. If the breath test failed to give a clear result, then the breath test will need to be performed again. If the breath test gave a high reading, then it is likely that the person has been drinking.

The third step involves an evaluation of the person’s driving abilities. This can best be done by the officers driving while they are performing a roadside sobriety test. During this test, the officers will administer a series of tests to determine if the person is under the influence of alcohol. If the test gives the officer reasonable suspicion to think that the person is under the influence, then the person will be administered a field sobriety test.

Next, the police officer will administer fingerprinting and chemical testing. Many times an accused person will want to try to avoid these tests. This is not a wise decision. In order to determine if a person is guilty of DUI, testing must be done. It is always better to face things head on and get tested than to attempt to defend yourself.

Next, the BAC test will be conducted. This analyzes the level of alcohol in the blood. This is very important to the court proceeding. The legal limit for the state is 0.08%, but some states have lower limits. The legal limit varies from state to state. The legal limit is the one which the court feels is just and reasonable.

The last step involves an administrative hearing. In this administrative hearing, the court or the DMV will decide whether a person should be put in jail, given a ticket, required to take a course, or something else. It all depends on what the judge or the DMV decides. This is an essential step in the DUII case. Many people choose to fight their DUI in an administrative case instead of in a criminal trial.

These are only a few of the steps involved in a DUI administrative case. They are not all the steps involved, but they are many of the major ones. If you are facing a DUI, it would be wise to hire a DUI attorney to represent you and explain your situation to the court. A DUI conviction can have serious consequences, such as losing your job and being made to pay high fines and costs.

Your DUI attorney will work hard to get you off of the hook. You may not think that you are innocent but having an experienced attorney by your side will make sure that you do not go to jail, receive a ticket, or anything else that you did not do. Your attorney will make sure that the evidence against you is not enough to get you in any real trouble with the law.

If you want to hire an attorney, the best way to find them is by doing an internet search. Make sure that the DUI attorney you are interested in is willing to spend the time to meet with you and talk over the details of your case. You want to get all of the facts together so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to hire the attorney. A good DUI attorney will know when to get out of the meeting and who will get the phone calls.

A DUI arrest should never be handled lightly. If you are arrested for a DUI, you should consult with a DUI lawyer right away. The most common first steps involve administrative cases, which are basically cases involving minor infractions. If you are involved in a more serious case, then your lawyer may be with you every step of the way.